Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Final Fantasy IX Let's Play part 26: Return to Quan's Dwelling

Zidane and party head to some Qu's marshes, Treno and Quan's Dwelling, to do some sightseeing. Before they ultimately head off to each of the locations that the mirrors found in Ipsen's Castle show.

As the files courrupted, here is a quick run down of the events of Ipsen's Castle.

The party journeyed to the Castle, in order to find a clue as to how to get to Terra. Amarant, decided to go it alone, saying he didn't need to the help of everyone else. The party needed to equip their most basic weapons in order to defeat enemies with ease. 

They finally reach the top, where they discover Amarant. He has found the clue to Terra without anyone's help and decides to leave. 

Zidane checks the mural on the wall and discovers 4 distinct mirrors, showing different locations around the world. That is when Taharka, the guardian of the Mirrors appears and challenges the party. With him defeated, the party return outside, to find that Amarant never made it back. Zidane returns inside to find him, only to find him injured. Amarant thanks Zidane for his aid and he rejoins the party. 

The party reconvene outside, where they discuss the four mirrors and decide to take on each location at the same time. 

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