Friday, 19 August 2016

Pokemon Sun & Moon new Pokemon

A few weeks ago the magazine CoroCoro revealed a selection of Pokemon. Three of these new Pokemon did not have any information regarding them in English, however they have now been revealed at the Pokemon World Championships along with another new Pokemon.

The first of these new Pokemon is the Sand Heap Pokemon, Sandygast. This is a Ghost/Ground type Pokemon with the new ability Water Compaction. This ability allows its defence to go up by 2 stages if it's hit with a Water type move.

The official site states

'A Sandygast emerges when the grudges of Pokemon and other creatures soak into the sand after they fall in battle. In essence, it's a possessed lump of sand! 

If you heedlessly grab a Sandygast's shove, you'll fall under the Pokemon's control. A Sandygast uses its power to manipulate children into gathering sand to increase the size of its body. If a Sandygst loses its shovel, it may put up a tree branch, a flag, or another item in its place. These Sandygast are wanderers in search of their own shovels. 

The tunnel-like mouth of a Sandygast can suck the vitality from people and Pokemon. Apparently it's a test of courage in the Alola region to put your hand in a Sandygast's mouth.'

Next up is the evolution of Sandygast, the Sand Castle Pokemon Palossand. Like its pre-evolution it has the new ability Water Compaction. This Pokemon drags Pokemon down into the sand where it steals their life force.

The official site states

'Palossand controls human adults, making them build a sand castle that provides camouflage and also raises its defensive abilities. Unlike Sandygast, if Palossand loses some of the sand from its body, it can restore itself on its own. When moving about in search of prey, the shovel on top of Palossand's head revolves. It's said that the shovel could be serving as some kind of radar.

Palossand loves the vitality of Pokemon and drags small Pokemon into its body so it can steal their life force. Its sandy vortex swallows them up in a heartbeat! Pokemon dragged into Palossand leave traces of their ill will behind. It's thought that this negative energy may be the starting point of a new Sandygast...'

Next up is the Flailing Pokemon, Stufful. This is the pre-evolution of Bewear, it is Normal/Fighting type and has the same abilities as its evolution. Fluffy or Klutz.

The official site states

'Stufful's cute appearance and movements - plus the fluffy feel of its fur - all combine to make it super popular!

This Pokemon may have a small body, but its strength is extraordinary. Receiving one of its powerful hits without being prepared for it can bring down even well-trained Pokemon!

The truth is that Stufful doesn't really like being touched. It hates being hugged tightly and will flail its arms in protest.'

The final Pokemon revealed in this trailer has not been seen before. This is the Boxing Pokemon, Crabrawler. It is a pure fighting type with the abilities of either Hyper Cutter or Iron Fist.

The official site states

'Crabrawler has a personality that really hates to loses, and it's driven not only to aim for a higher position than its fellows in terms of social standing, but literally to aim for a higher position in the landscape. Perhaps as a result, it's sometimes found clinging to tall people or to the walls of buildings! If you try to remove one against its will, you'll be met with a sound punch. 

Crabrawler's favourite food is Berries. It punches the trunks of trees to give the branches a good shake and knock any ripe Berries to the ground so it can feast! Many Crabrawler may gather around a tree, but only the one that emerges victorious in battle against all the others receives the privilege of eating the ripe Berries. 

Crabrawler uses its claws to protect its face and belly while getting in close to an opponent to throw punches. Its punches are powerful enough to split tree trunks! Crabrawler's pincers are sometimes torn off during its bouts - and they are said to be delicious.'

Here is the official trailer showing each of these Pokemon in action.

Pokemon Sun & Moon is coming out in November this year, are you looking forward to it? What version will you get if you are? What other new Pokemon would you like to see? 

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