Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Pokemon Sun & Moon more info!

The magazine CoroCoro has started to leak, and as such a plethora of new information has begun to emerge regarding Sun & Moon.

Starting with the new Pokemon, CoroCoro has revealed four Pokemon. Bare in mind that these are the Japanese names and no information regarding their western names has been revealed

First up is the pre-evolution of Bewear, this is the Pokemon 'Nuikoguma' and it is also Normal/Fighting type like its evolution. Nothing has been stated about its abilities but it will likely have Klutz or Fluffy like Bewear.

Next up is the fish Pokemon 'Yowashi', this is a pure Water type and it has an ability to change its appearance into a larger fish. How it does this is unknown but it could work similar to other abilities where its HP goes below a certain point. 

The next Pokemon are the Sandcastle Pokemon, the little one is 'Sunabaa' and the evolution is called 'Shirodesuna'. These Pokemon are both Ghost/Ground type. Looking at the image it appears they might have arena trap, to keep grounded Pokemon from escaping from battle. 

A confirmation was given regarding next months issue, it states that there will be a poster featuring Rockruff's 'Secret Evoltuion' 

Continuing on, two new Alola forms were revealed. Having missed the last update, Alolan forms are redesigns and retypes of previous generation Pokemon, however so far it has only been Gen 1 Pokemon. So it is unknown if Gen's 2-6 will get any Alolan form changes. 

The ones revealed in the last update were

Exeggutor - Grass/Dragon with the ability Frisk
Vulpix - Ice with the ability Snow Cloak
Ninetales - Ice/Fairy with the ability Snow Cloak
Sandshrew - Ice/Steel with the ability Snow Cloak
Slandslash - Ice/Steel with the ability Snow Cloak

Now to go with these, CoroCoro has revealed

Alolan Meowth which is a Dark type. Meowth developed this after being bred by the royal family of Alola.

Alolan Marowak which Fire/Ghost type. Maraowak developed this in response to its natural predators in order to resist them.

Nothing has been stated about their abilities so far, but keep checking back for more information.

CoroCoro also revealed information regarding the evil team of this generation. This team is called 'Team Skull' however it is unknown if this will be their english name. They appear to be punks and renegades, so they might not have a world ending plot like many of the previous evil teams. They may just want to cause chaos. The leader of the team is called 'Guzma' and the girl is called 'Plumeri', these are not their official English names.

That is all the information that was shown in CoroCoro, there will be another Pokemon Sun & Moon based update on the 12th August. What that entails is still unknown, could it be an official reveal of Team Skull? Could their be new Pokemon shown? Keep checking back to find out!

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