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Pokemon Sun & Moon Guardians theory

Pokemon is a series that has always brought a variety of lore to it from around the world, especially for its Legendary Pokemon. A lot of these Pokemon are based on myths and legends from different countries and religions, where they are theorised to be a representation of that lore.

For instance one theory is that the three Legendary Pokemon of Generation 6 are based on the legend of Yggdrasil from Norse Mythology. The Destruction Pokemon Yveltal supposedly represents Veðrfölnir, a Hawk that resides in the branches of Yggdrasil. The Life Pokemon Xerneas who possibly represents the four stags Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór that reside at the base of Yggdrasil, and eat among the branches. And the Order Pokemon Zygarde who's 50% forme may have a basis on Níðhöggr, a dragon who gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil.

Another theory is that Yveltal is Hræsvelgr a giant eagle who sits at the end of the world, Xerneas is Eikþyrnir a stag that sits atop Valhalla and Zygarde is Jörmungandr a serpent that encircles the earth. Again all centred around legends from Norse Mythology.

With Pokemon Sun & Moon being based on Hawaii, and confirmation that each of the four islands of the new Alola region has a Guardian Pokemon. Here are some theories as to what these Guardian Pokemon may be based on.

As of last week the Pokemon Tapu Koko was revealed as the first Guardian Pokemon of the Alola region. It is the guardian of the first island the player begins on called 'Melemele', which is Hawaiian for Yellow. Looking at the design of Tapu Koko shows it has a Hawaiian Totem look to it, which is a theme that could be shared throughout the other three Guardians. Keeping a similar body shape and the Fairy type but changing the Animal Totem, primary type, colour scheme and Terrain ability for each guardian.  

With the feathered look on its head, the bird like totem attached to its arms, the beak like hands and the current information known about this Pokemon. It is possible that Tapu Koko could be based on the great God 'Kū' or 'Kūkaʻilimoku'. Kū is the god of war and the 'Seizer of Lands'. He was the only God that had sacrifices made to him, notably human sacrifices. 

Kū is often represented by feathered images, which may be a reason as to why Tapu Koko has the bird like Totem head attached to it. This is especially noticeable when it is closed. 

It may be possible that Tapu Koko is based on Kū for these reasons. Pokemon battles are offered as praise to this Pokemon, and maybe it is Pokemon universes form of offerings to their Gods and Guardians. 

It is also interesting to note that Tapu Koko is the Guardian of MeleMele with that translating to yellow. Its colour scheme is heavily focused around it, and it is of the Electric type which is often represented by the colour yellow in some form on their bodies. 

Each Island of Alola is supposedly represented by a colour, which can be seen in the form of a Rainbow on Professor Kukui's hat and various concept pictures of the region. The colours are Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. This could possibly be a homage to the Generation 1 games with it being the twentieth anniversary. With that, could the other Islands be called 'Polu', Hawaiian for Blue. 'UlaUla', Hawaiian for Red. And 'OmaOma', Hawaiian for Green? As the first Island is the Hawaiian for Yellow. This could also be a link to the real world Hawaii as it is known as the Rainbow State. 

With Tapu Koko being the Guardian of MeleMele, its colour scheme being yellow and the possibility of it being based on the Great God Kū. Here are some other possibilities and theories as to what the other three guardians could be based on, and on which Island they could appear. 

The Green Island - Lono
One of the Great Gods of Hawaii. Lono is the Hawaiian God of Agriculture and rain, he appears in the wet season known as 'Ho'olio' bringing rain clouds and winter storms. The rains he brings keep the lands fertile, full of life and lush vegetation. He is believed to be the God who is hidden in dark clouds, helping the land without being seen. 

Legends state that Lono is the being that is responsible for cultivating the plant life on Hawaii, making it look as it appears today. This adds more to the belief of him being the God of Agriculture. He is also associated with the 'Makahiki Celebration'. A time where the hard work of farming and working with the land is celebrated. 

This God is represented by many forms of plants and animals. One that has stood out in various legends of Lono is that he takes the form of a 'Pua'a Hiwa', an all black Pig. The dark rain clouds that sit atop of mountains are sometimes called 'Ke Ao Pua'a', which translates to Pig Clouds. This could be a representation of Lono's form. 

If one of the Guardians is chosen to represent Lono, then it could have a Pig based Totem. To go with the theory that the clouds on top of the mountains are known as Pig Clouds. Not only that but it could also be of the Grass type with Lono being the God of Agriculture, making it a Grass/Fairy type and giving it a green colour scheme. Due to Tapu Koko having the ability 'Electric Surge' that activates Electric Terrain when it comes into battle. It is possible that a Guardian based on Lono could have an ability that activates Grassy Terrain when it appears in battle. Once again adding to theme of agriculture and cultivating the lands. 

The Blue Isalnd - Kanaloa
The third of the Great Gods. Kanaloa is the God of the Oceans, long distance voyages and healing. Compared to the other Gods there is not as much information on him. It is said that Kanaloa is the ocean itself, his body makes up all the waters of the sea. He is often described as a companion to Kāne who is the other of the Four Great Gods. 

Kanaloa has many land based forms but due to his association with the Ocean, he is primarily seen as a Cephalopod like an Octopus or Squid. Other forms he has been referenced as are a 'Nai'a' which is a Dolphin and a 'Koholā' which is a Whale. 

The island of 'Kaho'olawe' is an island that serves as a centre for learning open sea navigation and many healing practices. Due to this it is often named Kanaloa as a reference to the Great God. 

If there is a Guardian Pokemon based on this God, then it is possible that its Totem could be based on a Dolphin, a Whale or some form of Cephalopod. With its primary type being Water as a representation of that fact that Kanaloa is the God of the Oceans. Making its type Water/Fairy and giving it a blue colour scheme. Whilst Tapu Koko has Electric Terrain and a possible Guardian based on Lono could have Grassy Terrain. This only leaves Misty Terrain for Kanaloa, which is a Fairy type move. This could fit the theme of the Oceans creating mists and fogs by having this Terrain ability, or they may create a new terrain that focuses on the water type. However due to the ability Drizzle this may not be the case, but a Guardian based on Kanaloa could have Drizzle to add to its water theme.

The Blue or Red Island - Kāne
The final of the Great Gods. Kāne is said to play a major role in everyday Hawaiian life as he is the force that sustains life in all its forms. He is said to be the sunlight, the fresh water and the food. He is the force of nature that brings life. He is the God of Procreation and Life. 

As mentioned above Kāne and Kanaloa are often described as companions in their mythology. Both create water sources, they travelled around the islands together and opened up new springs which are still flow to this day. Providing life for many generations on all of the different islands of Hawaii. They are often paired in stories where they build fishponds and end famine. Kāne also represents light in the form of the sun, thus he is also known as 'Kānehoalani' which means the sun. 

No animal form was found for Kāne as he mainly appears as the sun, fresh water, rainbows and other forms that do not have a physical body. 

If there is to be a Guardian based on Kāne, it is difficult to know what its Totem could be with no animal representing him. However there are couple of possible types it could have. The first is that due to their companionship Kāne may be used instead of Kanaloa as Water/Fairy type. The other possibility is Fire/Fairy due to his link to the Sun, which would give it a red colour scheme. Like Kanaloa this Guardian could have Misty terrain, a new water terrain or Drizzle if it were to follow the water theme. If it were to follow the fire theme it would have to have a new terrain ability as there were only three introduced into Generation 6. This could be something as simple as Fiery Terrain, or due to Kāne's link to sunlight it could get the Drought ability. However this could counteract Kāne's links to creating water sources. 

The Red Island - Pele
Due to the possibility of Kāne not having an animal representation or possibly being used instead of Kanaloa. A second option was found in the form of the Goddess of the Volcano Pele. She is a well known Goddess in Hawaiian lore, as she is said to be associated with the natural forces of volcanic eruptions that add new lands to the whole of Hawaii.

Like Kāne she does not have an animal form. Instead she is represented by Lava, fire, flames and other forces. However some legends state that she appears in dreams in the form of a woman in the prime of her life, dressed in white. 

This is interesting because of a new character to appear in Pokemon Sun & Moon called 'Lillie'. This character is a young girl who appears in white clothing and seems very different compared to other characters revealed for the games so far. Not only that but on her official reveal she was described as 'Kukui's mysterious assistant'. Lillie is said to dislike battling but loves to read.

It may be strange to think that one of the Guardian Pokemon could be this character in human form. But with her design standing out compared to the other characters, she does not seem to not match the Hawaiian theme and she may come from another region. This is also interesting because the Goddess Pele is also said to have come from far away. The fact she is also described as mysterious, may mean she has more involvement in the plot than just being the Professors assistant. She may be a human representation of Pele. On top of this it was confirmed at the Nintendo Tree House event at E3, that she has some form of Pokemon living in her bag. This could be the Guardian Pokemon of the Volcano, if they are choosing to go down that route. However this is just a possible theory based on the description of Lillie.

If that was the case, then it would be unknown what the Totem for this Guardian would be. however it would most definitely be a Fire/Fairy type with the association of Volcanoes. Giving it a red colour scheme to match it. If it is indeed based on Pele, it could get a terrain move like Kāne called Fiery Terrain or maybe Volcanic Terrain to aid in its fire typing. Drought wouldn't make more sense for this Guardian.

With Pokemon Sun & Moon coming November this year. It will be interesting to see if the Guardian theory is a possible representation of the major Gods of Hawaii. However with Tapu Koko being the only one revealed so far it is impossible to say with 100% certainty. Whatever legend and lore they are based on it will be one that fits the theme of the Alola Region perfectly.  

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