Thursday, 30 June 2016

Pokemon Sun & Moon New Trailer

After the leak of the new 7 new Pokemon over night, a new trailer has been shown confirming the types, abilities and new moves of all the Pokemon shown. Along with showing Zygarde's original form changing into Zygarde Complete at low HP.

Firstly it confirms that Charjabug evolves from Grubbin and is Bug/Electric type. It then shows the new evolution screen and confirms that Charjabug does indeed evolve into Vikavolt who is also Bug/Electric. Nothing about their ability has been confirmed but with Grubbin having Swarm they may keep it as well.

Bruxish is confirmed to be Water/Psychic and its ability is Dazzle. This stops priority moves from working.

Drampa is the first ever Normal/Dragon type Pokemon to be introduced into the series. It has the ability Frenzy. It is unconfirmed what this does, but in the trailer a Flygon hits it with a super effective Dragon Claw which then activates Frenzy and causes its Special Attack to rise. So the activation could be dependant on taking super effective damage.

Cutiefly is confirmed to be Bug/Fairy as predicted based on its appearance. No other information was given about it.

Togedemaru is Electric/Steel type with the ability Lightning Rod. It appears to be based on some form of Hedgehog.

The legendary Tapu Koko is confirmed to be Electric/Fairy type. It has the ability Elekimaker which causes Electric Terrain to activate whenever it is sent out. It also has the move 'Nature Fury' which is its Japanese name, it deals damage but no other details are given. It seems to have a link to the character Hala.

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