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Game Concept #2 Heroes of Antiquity

Game Title: Heroes of Antiquity  
Genre: Hack and Slash action

On a distant planet within the promised system, a large scale war has been raging for centuries; the people of the planet battle it out against each other to unify the lands under their rule. It is unknown how the war first began, some say it was due to the power of a dark god intervening within the mortal realm for his enjoyment, others believe that some nations were becoming too powerful and must be dealt with swiftly. Some nations have become nothing more than rubble as they barely hang onto life; however ten nations are still going strong, as they battle for their lives and for control of the planet.

The characters for Heroes of Antiquity are split into the 10 nations that occupy the planet, each comes with a unique moveset, weapons and special skills. Only four characters are available from the start. 

Joan of Arc
Weapon: Rapier
Element: Light and Water
After the King of France unfortunately dies in an attack from the Japanese warlord Nobunaga Oda, a young maiden takes up to lead the people and avenge their fallen kind. Joan has a strong has a strong connection to the gods who watch over France, she uses this power to take up command of the forces even though she is only 17 years of age. Joan is an adept at sword play wielding a rapier and heavenly sword that was forged by the gods. She is a pure and honest soul as well as a devout believer in the Gods that watch over her. She feels that she will be able to reunite the lands under the French banner without much bloodshed, but only time will tell if this is the case.  

Alexander the Great
Weapon: Spear
Element: Electric and Earth
The third in line for the thrown of Greece, Alexander is a brave and adventurous young man but also cocky and fame hungry. Having recently become the ruler of Greece, he is still new to commanding an army. Alexander wants to protect his homeland from the threat of Nobunaga and from the minor threats of the England republic. He carries his spear into battle, determined to make sure that the lands bow to his rule and to once again bring peace to the people of the world.

Nobunaga Oda
Weapon: Katana
Element: Dark and Fire
The Demon king that watches over the harsh terrains in Japan, Nobunaga is a ruthless but ambitious leader that wants everyone to bow to his whim. He recently devastated China making the people run for their lives and has now turned his sites on the people of Mongolia. He will stop at nothing to gain control of the world, so that he can turn the lands into a hellish landscape filled with darkness. He once allied himself with the Saints of Spain and even converted to their beliefs but soon the darkness ebbed away at his heart and he gave into temptation. He rides from land to land, soaking his katana in the blood of his enemies.

Genghis Khan
Weapon: Bow
Element: Wind and Ice

Ruler of the Nomadic kingdom of Mongolia, Genghis is a stern yet fair leader respecting those who are honest and loyal to their leaders and not just his own army. He wants to change the way the world works, bringing all the lands back to Nomadic ways rather than surrounding themselves with wealth and pleasure. He is a brilliant tactician and always knows the outcome of a battle before it has even begun, using his archery skills, he rides into battle piercing his enemies with his arrows. He feels the change in the winds as darkness slowly encroaches on his homelands. 

Other characters include:

Edward the Black Prince
Julius Caesar 
El Cid
George Washington 
Erik the Red

Many other characters will appear within the game that the player must unlock in a variety of different ways. 

Game modes

Story mode: The main mode of the game, where the player will follow the story of each character. Originally the only characters stories available are Joan of Arc, Nobunaga Oda, Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan but they will soon unlock more characters to use. Each story is different and allows for replayability with varying paths to unlock different outcomes and endings. 

Free battle: This mode allows the player to select any character and then select any stage they have unlocked. Allowing them to train in stages that are not in a characters story. This can be done to collect weapons, test out a characters moveset, level up characters and learn new skills, that the player may want to do before starting a characters story.

Online battle: This is similar to free battle, where the player selects one character and any level, however another player will play as the owner of the land that is being attacked in defence of their kingdom. If a player selects Joan of Arc and does a mission to attack Nobunaga another player must play as Nobunaga. Players can also team up together to do missions together using online features. This can be done with the 3 mini games listed below.

Mini-games: a selection of 3 mini games for the player to try out

1) duel: the player faces off against an opponent in a 1 and 1 fight, using the environment to their advantage 
2) skirmish: the players have to take as many bases from their opponent within a certain amount of time
3) treasure collect: collect as many treasures such as gold, items and weapons before the time runs out, collect the most to win. 

All 3 mini games will be able to be used online and in offline co-op play.

Gallery: the gallery mode allows players to look at different areas such as character biographies, a weapons gallery showing all weapons collected so far, story area to show the story paths taken so far, items showing all items collected so far, soundtrack so the player can listen to the music of the game, movie theatre so the player can view the different cut scenes from the games.

Options: the options menu allows the player to select different aspects such as sound, music, game volume, contrast and brightness. Difficulty is set when the players selects a character story or when selecting a quick battle stage.

Core game mechanics

Once the player has selected their character and the stage they want to undertake, they will be set into a battlefield. Similar to the Dynasty Warriors series, the player must run around the battlefield, defeating troops and generals in order to ultimately succeed that stage. Each character has an array of combos that can be performed, which the player will unlock as the character levels up. They must execute these combos in order to defeat enemies or they will be defeated. 

Win and Lose conditions
Each stage comes with conditions that will let the player succeed or fail. Some of these are universal, however some are unique to a specific stage. 

Here are some examples of both win and lose conditions

Defeat the main general
Take the main camp 
Force the army to retreat
Succeed in the flood attack

Player character is defeated
Main camp lost 
Specific allied general is defeated 

The player can choose between four difficulties:

Easy: the lowest difficulty. Good to start out with as the enemies do not attack as much
Normal: the standard difficulty. Good for those who are used to these types of games, enemies attack frequently as well as having better stats
Hard: a more aggressive difficulty. For those who want a bit of a challenge, enemies will attack more and will take longer to kill. 
Nightmare: The hardest difficulty. For those with skill, the enemies will hit hard as well as have extremely high stats. It is difficult but rewarding if the player can beat the stage. 

Level up
As the player continues to fight the waves of troops and generals, they will level up their character. As they level up, they will increase their stats such as health, attack and defence as well as unlocking new combos and special skills. So it is important to level the characters up in order to unlock these and take on harder difficulties. 

Each character has an array of skills that they can unlock representing the two elements a character is bind to. The player can map out 8 skills, so they will be able to set and change these on their character to something that works for them. 

A special skill that requires the player to fight and fill a bar up, once this bar is full the player can launch a powerful attack that will damage and defeat enemies around them. Once this has been used, the bar will empty and the player will need to refill it, it is best for those tight situations where they feel they may lose. 

Key Features

  • Unique playable characters based on some of history’s greatest heroes
  • Hack and Slash style game play
  • Unique weapons to collect for each character
  • Unlockable skills and combos as characters level up
  • Items to collect to boost the power of the characters
  • Unique stories for each character with multiple paths to get different endings

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