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Game Concept #1 Rise of Osiris

'Egypt, Pyramids finished, supernatural horror thriller, Dark, Astrological, Plagues, Sacrifice, Addiction'

Dark: Bleak, Evil, Clouded, Somber
Astrological: Magical, Enigmatic, Cryptic, Necromatic, Spiritual 
Plague: Curse, Epidemic, Outbreak, Scourge, Affliction 
Sacrifice: Endure, Offer, Yield, Forfeit, Surrender, Renounce 
Addiction: Craving, Fixation, Slave, Obsession

Main character: Tutankhamun

A young Pharaoh imbued with the power of the Sun/Radiance God Ra and the God of Death Anubis who needs to be kept in balance. Too much light or too much darkness will corrupt him, his powers will increase with each use but it will cost more and affect him in different ways.

General premise

The player will take control of the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun, with him they will have to journey all across Egypt to wipe out the scourge of Osiris. The game is centred around giving the player a fright, by having things fly at the player in the dark and dank areas which could range from bats to the cursed people of Egypt charging and screaming at the player. 

The game has action elements in terms of combat but it will feature a noise gauge, the player will have to sneak around in areas that are filled with cursed civilians to allow them to remain unscathed. They must be vigilant as the enemies could appear out of nowhere. 

The player will have to defeat each of the Pharaohs that was awoken, only by doing this can they finally face Osiris in battle and save their kingdom. 

Story Points
  • The Pharaohs were considered to be Horus in life and Osiris in death 
  • Story covers the Plague of Osiris: uses the Pharoahs corpses to take over the known world
  • Anubis looked over the Pharoahs in their tombs to make sure they were secure after learning of Osiris's plan to curse the world using the Pharaohs. 
  • Ra engraved symbols into the Pyramids, preventing Osiris from gaining access. 
  • Thieves come to take the treasures from the great Pyramid of Giza. They become greedy and take the Sarcophagus from Khufu's resting chamber, ultimately leading to Osiris to take control of the dead king and begin his curse. 
  • Plague affects the thieves who then spread it through the towns. 
  • Ra and Anubis grant their powers to the Pharaoh Tutankhamun, who will need to destroy Osiris and his army of undead Pharaohs. 

Game Mechanics

As mentioned above, the game centres around action combat with elements of sneaking and jump scares. The game itself will be mostly in third person except for certain moments that will be in first person to add to the thrill factor. 

The game has a free roam world, similar to the Assassins Creed series. They will gain horses to ride to cities, towns, landmarks and mission points. This allows the player to do what they wish and that they are not completely restricted to the main story.  

Noise Gauge

The player will have to pay close attention to the noise gauge if they want to remain stealthy. They can tilt the analog stick to varying degrees in order to change how quickly Tutankhamun moves in the field, if they tilt it slightly he will sneak and if they tilt it all the way forward he will run. 

The texture of the floor will also play a role into this, sand will allow him to move fairly quickly as it is not as noisy compared to the stone floors of the pyramids. They player will need to learn the best way to traverse the different environments and successful complete their missions. 

Powers and Addiction

One of the main focal points of 'Rise of Osiris' is the powers that the Tutankhamun receives from both Ra and Anubis. The player can focus more on the light route which unlocks powers of radiance and the use of the sun and advanced combat or they can go with the dark route and follow the path of Anubis, using his powers for advanced stealth, darkness and death. 

Both come with a series of traits that will aid the player on their quest to save Egypt and allow them to complete missions in a variety of different ways that they may not have been able to do with the other powers. 

Using one set of powers more than another will shift Tutankhamun further into that Gods favour and allow more powers to be unlocked for that God. However the player must keep a close eye on this as relying on one set of powers for too long will cause the young Pharaoh to become addicted to them and he will begin to lose favour with the other God. This will cause a variety of effects that will not only aid the player but also negatively affect them. 

Some effects are as follows: 
  • Greater damage but at a higher cost
  • Receive greater damage from the opposite element
  • Using powers of the opposite God will reduce health due to not being used to them 
  • Screen blur and a dazed character 
  • Continual damage when out in direct sun or moonlight depending on the god in favour
There are many other effects so it is important to keep the powers in check so that the negatives don't outweigh the positives. 

The player will also have a series of weapons that they can equip, these are split into light and dark:

Weapons of Light:
  • The radiant blade of Ra
  • The solar slingshot 
  • The staff of light

Weapons of Darkness:
  • The death sickles of Anubis
  • The midnight daggers  
  • The Void Mace 

Each of these gains a bonus if they are equipped when the player is in a specific favour. Ra for the Light weapons and Anubis for the Dark weapons, these will also play into the addiction mechanic so the player must make sure that they have a balance of light and dark weapons equipped so that they do not receive negative effects from these as well. 

Sacrificing to the Gods

As with many ancient civilisations, the Egyptians believed in sacrificing to their Gods. The player will also have this option, they can either Sacrifice creatures and humans to Ra or to Anubis. 

What they player receives for doing these interactions is abilities and equipment for their chosen God that they would not be able to acquire in any other circumstance, so it is wise to keep an eye out for these sacrificial points to gain these. Once a sacrifice has been performed, the player cannot use that point again so they need to make sure that they have chosen wisely before completing the ritual. 

Praying to the Stars

Along with the powers, the player can also pray to the stars in various astrological sightings. What these do is allow the player to upgrade Tutankhamun in specific bonuses such as increased health, increased power, increased stealth etc. 

The player will gain points for completing missions and sidequests which they are then allowed to imbue into the stars and gain their attributes. Their is a specific amount the player can receive and once a point has been imbued it cannot be removed, so they will have to make sure the bonus is what they want to focus their character in. 

Key Points
  • A look at ancient Egyptian culture with a twist 
  • Allows the player to build the character they wish 
  • Allows the player to roam the world without detracting from the story 
  • Unique mechanics that give focus on the time period

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