Monday, 16 March 2015

Equinox novel segment #4

‘My lady, are you alright?’ Gerald asked, ‘Yes…I am fine Gerald, but I’ve told you before Gerald, we’ve known each other since we were little, you can call me Natalie’ Natalie said with a smile. ‘Ah forgive me my la……Natalie; it’s a force of habit with having to refer to everyone in a formal sense since our return. However Natalie, it is getting late, I must escort you back to the castle before the night rolls in, the King would throw a fit if you were still out in the wilderness once its dark’ Gerald stated, ‘Yes….you are right, forgive me Gerald the time escaped me; although I don’t know why father worries so much, I mean we were out in the wilderness for months as we traversed the lands’ Natalie said, ‘This is true Natalie, but I guess the king feels now that everything is back in order and the threat has dissipated; that a princess should not be out in the evenings’ Gerald stated. Natalie did not say a word and just gave a small smile as they walked towards the Sendonox’s to take them back to the castle.

As they road back to the Castle, the air grew heavy as the heavens opened and rain came flooding down. Natalie began to glow as she called out a protection spell ‘Obex Praesidium!’ as a brilliant light shot into the air and formed a protective bubble around Natalie and Gerald, the rain rolled off the barrier as if they were inside looking out of a window, ‘Incendia!’ Gerald called as he made a small flame float in between the two of them to keep them warm and dry them off, even though they were only caught in the rainstorm for small amount of time they were drenched right down to the skin. Natalie watched as she road as she saw the surroundings being pelted by rain, the tree’s dripped continuously, small animals ran for cover under bushes, it reminded her of the time Clix, herself, Ray, Viktor and Kimberly ran and took shelter from the rain in the abandoned mansion, the night was a tough one but she smiled to herself at the good times they had together on their journey.

They road up a large hill and saw the lights of the Kingdom shinning, ‘Not much longer now Natalie, we should be back within the next half an hour’ Gerald said as he led on, ‘Ah….yes thank you Gerald, this evening has been a long one indeed’ Natalie said with a hint of sadness in her voice, she knew once she got back to the castle, that the following morning would be another day of training and matters that her father thought would be beneficial to her rise to the throne. She however did not want this, her life was so turned upside down with the rise of the Reavers and she managed to have it all changed on her travels with her friends; she wasn’t sure how to cope with such demands anymore. As they got closer and closer to the castle, the rains began to stop, all around there were puddles and everything was dripping. Natalie removed the barrier, the fresh air felt so wonderful on her face, the clouds above began to recede revealing the moons and the stars; which glistened their light down onto the kingdom. 

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