Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Equinox novel segment #3

Upon the Vidora continent and to the southwest; the kingdom of Kairathar once bustled with the proud race of the Dusk Elfein. Now however; their once beautiful home has been decimated and overrun by dark forces. Kairathar is now slowly crumbling away covered in darkness and storms; it is now a shadow of its former glory. Most of the Dark Elfein had escaped and are now dispersed across the entire continent; where they are still being hunted by the dark forces; some were lucky enough to escape to other kingdoms after the uprising who now ruled over this dank hellhole, however they feared for how long they would be safe. No one knows what happened to the royal family of Kairathar; but they were said to have been the first to be slain, leaving the kingdom without a ruler and the civilians left to fend for themselves.

The clattering of armour could be heard; as a warrior clad in heavy black armour walked up from the main gates of the forgotten kingdom with extreme force in his footsteps, he began to make his way towards the castle in the distance. The armour was jet black in colour with golden trims to accent the edges, it had spikes on all the joint pieces and the helmet covered the face of the warrior but left gaps to display his dark red eyes; the helmet also extruded two large horns from the top of it that seemed to be made of bone; but over time they had started to crack. All this Dark armour bore scratches from many battles, but it remained fully intact.

A long flowing dark purple cape made of fine silk protruded down from underneath the shoulder guards and continued all the way to the warriors knee’s. The pattern seemed to be engraved into the fabric as it bore the mark of darkness as its insignia; the bottom of the cape was torn and jagged; which projected the image that it had seen many battles. Underneath the cape, a large spear extruded diagonally across the back of the warrior; which clearly displayed the strength of the man underneath due to its immense size. On the bottom a large golden weight rested to balance out the spear, the top had a large spear head upon it; that was nearly the same size of the warrior’s torso. The outer edge of the spear head had large blades that met at the top point making it an extremely deadly weapon; which was evident by the blood stains encrusted onto it. 

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