Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Equinox novel segment #2

Kimberly sat down next to the others as Viktor added some more wood to the fire, ‘Oh I almost forgot, I haven’t asked you your names?’ Kimberly said, ‘Oh well, you know Ray’ Viktor said, Ray smiled, ‘I am Viktor and this here is Clix’ Viktor continued, ‘Well Clyde actually’ Clyde said, ‘ok so they call you Clyde Clix?’ Kimberly asked confused, ‘no no, just either Clyde or Clix’ Clyde explained, ‘so; which do you prefer Clyde or Clix?’ Kimberly asked, ‘…..Clix, just call me Clix’ Clyde said, he thought for a second, this way is probably better as he didn’t want to confuse the people of Nyris, if he was supposed to be the savior he may as well use a name that stuck better in people’s minds. 

‘Ok Clix it is’ Kimberly said, the four sat there listening to the sounds of nature all around them as they made small talk into the dead of night, ‘so is your world filled with creatures like the Lepulsa?’ Kimberly asked, ‘not so much…..we have animals but nothing like those, we have quite a few domesticated animals and a fair amount of wild animals but nothing like a person crossed with a snake’ Ray explained, ‘whoa that seems strange, I mean we do have normal animals but we may have different names for them, you will have to tell me some of the names for the creatures you have on your world if you see something similar here, I would love to learn them’ Kimberly said, Ray smiled ‘sure if you explain to us things in this world we’ll try and explain things about our world as we go’ Clix said as he put more wood on the fire. The group remained silent for a while listening to the sound of the area around them, the wind was gentle and quite warm it wasn't cold like it was back on Earth before they left. 

Soon the four drifted off to sleep, the seals keeping them safe glowed a pale blue within the moonlight. As he drifted off Clix began to think of all that had happened, was he really the one that was sent to save this world as Kimberly said, he wasn't sure but he must have been sent here for something. 

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