Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Equinox novel segment #1

The heat was unbearable, as the fire roared as the young child cried, his father slowly making his way towards him. The child’s mother was nowhere to be seen as the man carried his child through the burning cabin. The whole place was slowly crumbling to the ground as the flames lay waste to the wooden support beams holding the ceiling above in place, they would not last much longer.

‘Sarah!!!’ The father kept calling out, his wife not answering the shouts of her worried husband, as the child cried the floor above began to creek before finally collapsing on the father and his child. Trapped and frightened the father held the child tightly as he felt it would be their final time together, the fiery hot rubble slowly searing his arms to make sure it didn’t touch the child, as they slowly drifted unconscious due to the lack of Oxygen.

As the two lay there, the father slowly began to wake as he heard a voice calling out to him ‘Graham! Graham!’ the voice called, the father could barely make a noise but managed to kick the rubble ‘Hang in there! I’ll get you out’ the rubble began to move as a figure reached for the father and his child; the figure led the father outside whilst carrying the child. The air was clear as Oxygen filled the lungs of the father and the child as they continually coughed until the smoke in their lungs vanished.

The father looked up to see his friend Marcus stood there, he could only smile as he was still breathless from the fire until he realised; that his wife was nowhere to be seen ‘Sar…..Sarah!’ the father shouted as he tried to run back into the burning building. Marcus grabbed him ‘No…..it is too late, we need to go now!’ Marcus pulled his friend and ran. As they ran, the child looked back at the flame covered wreckage that was once his home, as he stared he saw it, within the flames the shadow of his mother kneeling down with a demonic figure stood beside her, the details of the figure couldn’t be made out other than the glowing red eyes as they stared at the mother before pulling a large sword that sliced down on the poor defenseless woman. The child screamed ‘mummy!’ over and over as the demonic figure laughed maniacally, a laugh that pierced through the child’s ears before the demon disappeared into the fire.

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