Monday, 16 March 2015

Equinox character overview #4 Gerald and Jessica

Character 7: Gerald Abus

A young and talented apprentice wizard from the Kingdom of Selvenei. During the events of chapter nine Gerald first appears to Clix and the current party as he rescues them from the monsters in the Margen Mansion. 

Gerald is a kind hearted young man with a dark and hidden past. He often goes off into his own head, leaving the group to ponder about what he could be thinking. As the story progresses the reader will learn the truth about this apprentice Wizard.

He carries a spell book into battle that allows him to blast the battlefield with a flurry of elemental magic as well as bludgeoning any enemies with it at close range.

When he first appears he recognises Clix straight away announcing that the young earthling is his cousin. Confused with this sudden confession, he asks the young Wizard what he means by this, how can they be related? It is up to the reader to discover the truth behind this series of events.

Character 8: Jessica Layens

A high spirited young woman and a childhood friend of Clix's. Jessica is a loving and caring girl that can get a bit hyperactive at times, she rushes into things before she thinks about them even if it puts her in danger.

Unlike Clix, Viktor and Ray. Jessica does not travel to Nyris at the same time, she eventually ends up there when the wormhole opens up once again and she is pulled through. Lost and confused, she is rescued by a knight of Selvenei named of Rydal, who protects her until she has recovered from her shock and helps her find Clix and the others.

Jessica carries a thorned whip into battle that she uses to great effect, it allows her to perform a series of skills that will devastate the enemy. Due to her loud personality, she is great at rallying the troops to the cause and will do anything for the people of Nyris.

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