Monday, 16 March 2015

Equinox character overview #3 Vikor and Ray

Character 5: Viktor Maicine

One of the first characters introduced in Equinox, Viktor is the best friend of Clix who was originates from Russia, he is an incredibly strong individual but he does struggle with the academic side of things.

Along with Clix he ends up travelling to the new land of 'Nyris' where he also dubbed a saviour of the world. To show his might he takes up a large Axe in battle where he is a force to be reckoned with, he uses this strength to protect his friends and save the people of Nyris.

Personality wise, he is a very outgoing person that makes friends easily, however he does have tendencies to become angry and needs to calmed down.

He will do what it takes to defeat the Reavers and return home.

Character 6: Ray Gates

A young and very talented young man. Ray is another of Clix's friends who is an incredibly smart individual, from a young age he has prided himself in his work and ability to play Chess to its greatest effect.

He is considered one of the saviours of 'Nyris' when he ends up travelling their with Clix and Viktor where he is unfortunately taken ill rather quickly. He is rescued by Kimberly who uses medicinal herbs on him and he soon recovers.

As an extremely academic person and a lover of chess, he has a mind for strategies and tactics that he displays with sheer prowess. During the many battles, Ray takes a role of being at the front and back of the fights so that his skills can take full effect.

He will protect Clix on his adventure no matter what the cost.

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