Thursday, 12 March 2015

Equinox character overview #2 Natalie and Maiyth

Character 3: Princess Natalie Feigh
The princess of Selvenei, she escapes her kingdom with Clix and the others after the Reavers come to take her away, it is unknown why they were after her but the King knows she will be in safe hands with the heroes protecting her. She is always desperate to help people, especially those within her kingdom who are suffering and in plight and will often run off in the face of danger to do so. Natalie has the ability to heal her allies as well as being able to strike from a distance with her archery skills. 

Natalie is first introduced in chapter four of Equinox and from that point on she is a prominent character throughout the story.

Character 4: Maiyth
An extremely powerful warrior who is under the Reavers control. Maiyth walks into battle with sheer strength and duty for his masters. He is tasked with bringing the princess of Selvenei to them although he does not understand as to why they would want this. 
The group encounter him many times along their journey as not only does he need to complete his task but from the first moment that he meets Clix, he feels something familiar about him. What that is he cannot fathom. 

He is first introduced in chapter three of Equinox but he is not truly revealed until the seventh chapter where he first meets Clix before he escapes.

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