Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Equinox character overview #1 Clix and Kimberly

Character 1: Clyde 'Clix' Drake
The main protagonist of the story, Clix and his friends end up in a strange world known as 'Nyris' after a series of events unfolds that will change his life for the better and for the worst. Due to their strange arrival they are dubbed the saviours of Nyris, who were sent by the gods to aid them in their plight against the Reavers. 

Clix is a rather quiet and distant character at first, due to the nightmares of his mothers death. He feels that he would be a burden to those around him if he showed any sign of weakness, however as the story he learns truths that would shatter any normal being but this only resolves to make him stronger. He doesn't truly understand why or how he has ended up in this strange world but he will do anything to help anyone in danger and gladly takes up the task at hand. Will he succeed in his task to destroy the Reavers? 

Character 2: Kimberly Rogers

The first creature Clix and his friends encounter in Nyris, the eccentric yet wonderful Fellyne. Kimberly Rogers.

As noted by her ears and her strange tail, Kimberly is very human like but has cat like features attached to her. Her race known as the Fellyne are often found in the southern continents where it has a warmer climate but Kimberly has friends in the local kingdom where she does odd jobs such as collecting medicinal herbs.

In personality, she is a very happy go lucky person, she is very eccentric and loves to joke around but her life was not always like this. At birth her family were killed by the Reavers and she soon found that she needed to fend for herself, she trained in stealth and using daggers in combat in order to strike a killing blow with ease. She joins Clix and his friends in order to avenge her family but to also save those that are in danger who she considers family.

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