Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Character writing #2 Isonash

‘Dystopian, 13th Century, Hokkaido, Eerie, Monotonous, Silky, Durable, Conspicuous’

13th Century Hokkaido Japan – Ainu people, Island of Ezo, Larger regional groups, economic and military expansion some move to southern Sahkalin. Drive the forces of Nivkh to the mouth of the Amur and directly confront the forces of Yuan. Bear sending ritual.

Dystopian – misery, oppression, overcrowding

Eerie – Ghostly, Supernatural, Bizarre, Mysterious
Monotonous – Humdrum, Tiresome, Repetitive
Silky – Delicate, Satiny, Silken, Plush, Luxurious
Durable – Lasting, Dependable, Strong, Abiding, Impervious
Conspicuous – Distinct, Discernible, Visible


The Island of Ezo; known as Hokkaido in modern times and the birth place of Ainu people, a group of varying tribes that lived off the land and worshipped the Gods of nature. Many of the tribes fight for superiority over Ezo forcing the smaller tribes into submission, except for one lone devoted tribe in the south east of the Island who knew that their gods would not let them suffer. However for days to come this would not be the case as the larger tribes put pressure on them to join their cause.

The tribe continued their days, hunting for scraps but to no avail. Their food sources were becoming scarce as the larger tribes continued to dominate the land, taking all the resources and anything they could find for themselves.

The days became full of misery as the oppression of the large tribes rained down upon them. That is until one day a miracle began to happen...

Within this downtrodden tribe, a young male by the name of Isonash lay sleeping as strange ghostly voices began to speak to him in his head. It told him over and over that he had been chosen by the gods to be the saviour of the Ainu, for them to grow and expand their territory, bring the tribes together and make sure they are well looked after. Isonash responded with glad tidings that the gods were watching out for him and the tribe he belonged to but he was a mere boy, how would be able to help? The gods simply replied ‘the bear will guide you to true potential’ before they vanished.

Isonash awake after this peculiar series of events to find a Bear Cub sat staring at him in, its head tilted to one side. Not believing his eyes he reached out to touch the Cub to see if it was real or a figment of his imagination due to lack of food...It was most definitely real.   

A brilliant light lit the entire hut as Isonash covered his eyes due to its radiance, as it disappeared he noticed the Bear cub had vanished but something felt different to him. He looked down to see he wore strange garbs and armour emblazoned with the distinct insignia of the gods. The bear cub had fused with him, its fur lay across his shoulders and head wrapped his own like a hood as the main body flew behind him like a cape, his body was wrapped in a strange silken armour that felt soft to the touch but also strong and filled with light and hope, dark leather boots and gloves enveloped his hands and feet. Upon his back lay an intricately designed Bow and Quiver that glowed with a radiance that was not meant for mortal eyes, the arrows each decorated with spotted owl feathers and sharp enough to pierce the darkest of nights.

Isonash left his home and began his journey out into the Island of Ezo, not only to save those who were suffering but to stop those who force the plight of the land, but even with the power of the gods would it be enough... 


Shoulder length black hair that has been tied at the back into a knot at the base of his hairline. His eyes are a piercing blue that reflects the light of the moon, very wolf like in texture. Very stern features, he has a low brow with quite a pointed chin, he has a goatee surrounding his jaw and mouth. Around 5'08 in height, not too tall to allow him to crouch lower for sneaking, Isonash is also well built allowing him to climb and run at speed. A bear pelt rests on his shoulders and its head is used as a hood, his clothing is moderately dark to allow him to blend in with his surroundings.  

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