Monday, 15 December 2014


Hello and thank you for visiting the Chill Team's blog!

We are a team that focus's primarily on Game Design. As a team we have made a Flash game for a Handy Men company called Handy Chaps that they will be using for their website, and are also currently in the process of designing a number different RPG game series, each one being vastly different from each other in terms of lore, characters, gameplay and general mechanics of each of them. 

On top of this, we often do personal work or get business from various people who want projects done to our particular skill sets.  

Our aim with this blog is to show off our work, both paid and personal. So that we have a live portfolio of our work that people and perspective employers can view.  

About myself -

My name is Andy, I am a games writer and a games designer that has always had a keen interest in Games and how they work. 

I played and enjoyed many games throughout my childhood, but the game that truly made me want to pursue this passion for Video Games was Final Fantasy VII. 

For me, this was my first time playing an extremely in-depth RPG. It brought many elements together extremely well such as the story, the characters, the overall mechanics and the general lore of the universe that it had been set in. It made me realise that this was what I wanted to do with my life. 

From here, I began to write my own stories, create my own characters and worlds with their own lore and history. These then began to spiral out into actual game ideas and eventually I began to write them as game design documents with everything about the game written in them.

I created many of these documents over the years and soon decided I wanted to further this in a career. I studied Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University and have since continued to further my skills in this area. I have created 3 new concepts that I aim to create into full games for everyone to enjoy, as well as writing a novel series and creating the design documents for the Handy Chaps project, which also included doing sound and Action Script 3.0 work. 

That is all for now, so thank you for reading and we hope that you will enjoy the work that we do.



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